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CA Exit Exam Requirement Cancelled For Thousands Of Graduating High School Students

Gov. Brown signed legislation canceling California’s high school exit exam after 5,000 students were left in limbo because the state cancelled the July test.


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San Francisco Unified Defies State Law, Awarding 107 Diplomas After Exit Exam Cancelled

Thousands of California high school students still don’t have their diplomas, after the state abruptly canceled the exit exam they were supposed to take. In San Francisco, the school district has awarded diplomas, ignoring state law.



San Jose Schools Cut GED Classes To Shore Up K-12

The San Jose Unified School District announced Friday that it will close two adult education campuses so it can restore five furlough days in regular classes.


SF Schools Adopt Higher Academic Standards

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)_ For some Bay Area students, summer ends next week as school starts Monday in San Francisco. New high school freshmen will face more academic rigor this year due to altered requirements to […]