A picture taken in May 1941 showing foreign Jews, mainly Polish Jews, getting off the SNCF train in Pithiviers, center France. According to the October1940 anti-Jewish law and under German pressure more than 3,000 of them where arrested by the Paris police headquarters and imprisoned in the transit camps of Pithiviers et Beaune-la-Rolande.  (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

French Government Agrees To Pay Millions In Reparations To Holocaust Survivors, Family, Heirs Living In California, US

The French rail company that transported thousands of French Jews to concentration camps has agree to pay reparations Holocaust survivors and their families living abroad. The average payment will be about $100,000.


Tom Perkins (Steve Jennings/Getty Images for TechCrunch)

Phil Matier: Tom Perkins’ Apology And The Perception Of Class Warfare

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tom Perkins has responded to the criticism directed at him in the wake of controversial remarks he recently penned for a Wall Street Journal editorial comparing today’s treatment of wealthy Americans to the persecutions of Jews in Nazi Germany.


Jefferson Award winner Yanina Cywinska (CBS)

Jefferson Award Winner Shares Horrors Of Holocaust With Students

It causes her nightmares, but a Concord woman has spent a quarter century sharing with students how she survived the darkest, most horrific chapter in her life, the Holocaust.


Tom Lantos headshot, as US Representative of California

Human Rights Center Named For Late Peninsula Congressman Opens

Thursday marked the inauguration of a new human rights center in Budapest named after the late Peninsula Congressman Tom Lantos. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her predecessor Condoleezza Rice joined Lantos’ family for the ceremony.


Floris van Schooten Still Life with Cheeses, Candlestick, and Smoker's Accessories Floris van Schooten (1585/88–1656), Still Life with Cheeses, Candlestick, and Smoker's Accessories, early to mid-17th century, oil on panel. Marei von Saher, the heir of Jacques Goudstikker.

San Francisco Exhibit Reminds Visitors About The Horrors Of The Holocaust

A multimillion dollar collection of Dutch paintings looted by the Nazis was returned to its rightful heirs after 60 years, and has now been put on display in San Francisco.


German Women's Role in Holocaust

New research is emerging about the role German women played in the Holocaust, and it indicates their role in the genocide may have been greater than previously thought.