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Kitten, Puppy Videos Give Humane Society Silicon Valley A Viral Adoption Advantage

Their movie stars spend their time off set licking themselves, chasing their tails, or napping for hours. They eat kibble instead of caviar, and their hair stylists use a water hose, but these actors may be more captivating than anything Hollywood can dish out. The Humane Society Silicon Valley harnesses the ubiquitous online fascination with kitten and puppy videos by using volunteer producers to create a successful Internet marketing plan for adoptions.



Animal Update: The Truth Behind Declawing

There is some controversy about whether or not it’s inhumane to declaw cats.


A walker takes dogs to a dog park. (Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

Animal Update: Humane Education

KCBS’ Jeff Bell talks to Dr. Jack Aldridge about the importance of humane education.