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Supporters of immigration reform gather in San Francisco on the National Day for Dignity and Respect."

AP Report: California Immigrant Deportations Plummet After TRUST Act

Far fewer immigrants arrested by California law enforcement are being turned over to federal authorities for deportation since a new state law went into effect in January.


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Immigrant Takes Fight For California Law License To State Supreme Court

An immigrant who graduated law school and passed the state’s notoriously tough test for lawyers is asking the state Supreme Court to certify him over the objections of the Obama administration.



Foreigners Get Visas For Investing In Bay Area, Nation

The Bay Area is set to cash in on a little-known program that lets foreign investors obtain a green card. It’s a program that is already going gangbusters in Seattle..


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Santa Clara County Immigrants Urged To Report Hate Crimes Without Fear

The Mexican Consulate in San Jose was the backdrop for a news conference this week, where members of county law enforcement agencies urged members of immigrant communities who have been victimized are being urged to come forward.


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San Jose Police Chief Against Blanket Immigration Enforcement

San Jose police officers need to focus on building relationships with the communities they patrol rather than indiscriminately enforcing federal immigration laws, Police Chief Chris Moore said Thursday.


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Bay Area Celebrates Angel Island’s 100th Anniversary

About 350 people traveled to Angel Island Saturday morning for a ceremony to honor their ancestors and mark the 100th anniversary of the island’s immigration station.

CBS San Francisco–09/25/2010

Cal Chancellor Tackles Topic of Illegal Immigrant Students

It may not be a politically popular stand in this election year, but the chancellor at UC Berkeley says California should make more room for illegal immigrants at its elite universities.