Ranchin' Vets Helps Military Veterans Adjust To Civilian LifeMilitary personnel coming home from active duty can sometimes face big challenges getting back into 'regular' life. But this week's Jefferson Award winners have found a way to help.
Furry Friends Pet Relief Keeps Animals Out Of East Bay SheltersThe SPCA says about 6.5 million animals end up in shelters every year in the U.S., and about a quarter of them are euthanized. But this week's Jefferson Award winner is trying to change those staggering numbers by keeping cats and dogs from ending up in local shelters.
Champions of Science Program Sparks Curiosity In Oakland StudentsDeep inside Oakland's Chabot Space and Science Center, middle school kids are mixing up ingredients like water, dirt, and sand to create their very own model of a comet. But it's not the mix that has these kids engaged and inspired: it's their teacher, confirmed science geek Dan Stanton.
'Miracle Messages' Reunites The Homeless With Loved OnesWe've seen the crisis of homelessness spread throughout the Bay Area. But this week's Jefferson award winner says doing something about it means looking at someone who is homeless as a person.. not a problem. Then, listen to their story in order to help them.
La Peña Cultural Center Thrives As A Berkeley Gathering PlaceWhen an East Bay cultural center came to a crossroads, it reached out to two young women for leadership. Now that center is exanding and thriving. And the two leaders are this week's Jefferson Award winners.
Writing Coach Brings Out The Best In Young AuthorsWhen Kent Wright retired ten years ago, he wanted to start volunteering. But he wasn't quite sure where. A decade later, this week's Jefferson Award winner knows that helping students with their writing skills has been the perfect fit.
Fairfield-Based 'Para Ti Global' Supports Children In Need Around the WorldA Fairfield sister and brother who went on a vacation a few years ago came back with an idea for a nonprofit. What they created earned them this week's Jefferson Award.
Soup Kitchen Feeds Thousands Across The South Bay And BeyondA Silicon Valley soup kitchen is reaching out to feed thousands more hungry people each year, thanks to a South Bay woman. Sharon Chin introduces us to this week's Jefferson Award winner.

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