Jerry Nickelsburg


UCLA Economists Predict ‘Painfully Plodding’ Recovery For California

California incomes have been rising and the state continues to create new jobs, but a group of leading economists still does not expect the recovery to pick up steam any time soon.


California High-Speed Rail

UC Study Raises Questions About California High-Speed Rail

A new study casts doubt on whether the benefits of California high-speed rail will include the creation of 400,000 permanent jobs promised by boosters of the bullet trains.


An assembly line inside a Ford manufacturing plant.

California Manufacturers Ready To Hire, But Are Applicants Ready To Work?

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – One trend keeping unemployment high two years after the official end of the recession is American companies’ willingness to invest in technology and labor saving equipment to avoid the often costly […]



California Jobless Rate Edges Down; 96,500 Jobs Added

California’s unemployment rate has slipped lower for the second month in a row as the state added nearly 100,000 jobs in February. But the employment situation is still worse than the national average.

CBS San Francisco–03/25/2011