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CEO Says San Francisco’s EdTech Industry Is Growing

Elaine Sigal is the founder and CEO of MindLaunch, a Bay Area online tutoring and educational resource featuring academic and enrichment programs


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Closing The Pay Gap: Women Ask For $7,000 Less When Negotiating For Themselves

With International Women’s Day just around the corner, Jill Schlesinger has tips for women to close the pay gap.


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Social Worker Jobs Among Nation’s Fastest Growing

Social work is one of the fastest growing industries. But a good education and experience aren’t always enough to break into this field. Jill Schlesinger has more on the personality traits employers look for in social workers.


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San Francisco Entrepreneur Says, Gaining Experience Early Is Key

One successful San Francisco-based entrepreneur who offered a word of advice for local job seekers is Darin Alpert, co-founder of Find Me Gluten Free.


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Tech Entreprenuer Advises San Francisco Students To Start Innovating And Building

David Gorodyansky is the CEO of Silicon Valley-based Anchor Free, provider of the world’s largest internet freedom, security and privacy application.


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Chief Academic Officer Says San Francisco Needs 14,000 Nurses By 2020

From candy striper to naval nurse to chief academic officer, Christy Torkildson’s passion has always been nursing.


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Enjoy A Good Mystery? Private Detective Jobs Are Steadily Growing

Jill Schlesinger says private detective employment is expected to grow 11 percent by 2022.



Complicated Financial Landscape Will Increase Demand For Financial Planners

Jill Schlesinger looks at the growing demand for financial advisers with employment in the field expected to rise by 27 percent during the next eight years.



Tech Boom Is Creating A Paradise For Marketers In San Francisco

Job outlook is bright for San Francisco’s tech marketing industry, according to Aaron Endré, founder of Aaron Endré PR and Marketing.


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Tech Executive Advises San Francisco Students To Look Inside The Box

Chris Raethke is the CTO and co-founder of Bugcrowd, a San Francisco tech company who uses crowdsourcing for cybersecurity.