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5 Things You Need To Know Before Owning A Franchise

Jill Schlesinger looks at what it takes to own a franchise.


Fast Food Employment

Bill Would Mandate California Stores, Restaurants To Schedule Workers 2 Weeks Ahead

A lawmaker from the Bay Area has introduced a bill that would require some California retailers and restaurant chains to schedule employees at least two weeks in advance and would give workers additional pay for last-minute changes.


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Santa Clara County To Provide 500 Summer Jobs For At-Risk, Low-Income Youth

Up to 500 paid internships and jobs will be available this summer to at-risk and low-income youth in Santa Clara County, county officials said.


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There Are Many Ways To Have An Education Career In San Francisco

Lauren Sharp is the founder and a teacher at ARTifact, a supplementary education program in San Francisco.


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Executive Says San Francisco Students Need To Learn Programming Languages

Hema Budaraju, Pay Pal’s director of product for Pay Pal Consumer Mobile says students should invest not just in learning but also by applying the learning.


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San Francisco Job Outlook In Health Care Industry Is Exceptional

The job outlook in the health care industry in San Francisco is exceptional according to San Francisco resident Dr. Anuruddh Misra – medical director for U.S. Healthworks.


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Ready For A Green Job? Environmental Economy Employs Over 2.7 Million Workers

Jill Schlesinger has tips on working in the environmental field.


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Demand For Technical Writers Increase As Journalism Jobs Continue To Plunge

It’s a tough market for aspiring journalists, but there are some growing fields where good writers are needed.


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Physician Assistants In San Francisco Have The Best Job In America For 2015

The San Francisco Bay Area has three colleges with a physician assistant academic program, along with a junior college that offers a primary care associate program.


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Psychology Degree Can Lead San Francisco Students To Life A Career As ACoach

A career as a life coach is one of the fastest growing professions for students with a psychology degree