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La Nina

From Drought, To Drenching? El Niño Likely To Return With Torrential RainWarmer ocean temperatures off the California coast--and the massive impact on local and global climate--could be coming again, with predictions indicating an El Niño is possible this year.
Bay Area's Unusually Wet, Cool Spring Not Going Away YetJune 1st typically has many Bay Area residents headed for the pool, the amusement park or some other outdoor activity where the weather can be enjoyed. Suffice it to say that is not happening this year.
So Much For A Dry, 'La Niña' Winter In CaliforniaThis was supposed to be a cold, dry "La Nina" winter in California, but so far, it's been anything but, with many of the state's reservoirs already full, and spilling over.
La Niña Means Dry Bay Area Winter LikelyPacific water at the equator is two to three degrees below normal, creating a La Nina condition forecasters said could make the rain hitting the Bay Area Friday the exception rather than the norm this winter.
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