Legislative Analyst’s Office

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California Teacher Pensions Need $4.5B More Each Year, Report Finds

A new report said California needs to pay an additional $4.5 billion a year to shore up its financially shaky teacher retirement fund.


California High-Speed Rail

Analyst Suggests Gov. Brown Cancel Money For High-Speed Rail

The state’s nonpartisan analyst says the latest proposal to build a $68.4 billion high-speed train system linking Northern and Southern California is still too vague.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Budget Analyst Projects $13B California Budget Shortfall

The Legislative Analyst’s Office on Wednesday released a gloomy state fiscal outlook. It says tax revenue will fall short of the state’s projections, which could trigger midyear cuts to public schools, colleges and health care programs.


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East Bay District May Trim School Year To Bare Minimum

The Mt. Diablo School District is considering a proposal that would call for seven teacher furlough days, leaving the district with the minimum 175 school days.


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

State Report Emphasizes Need For Funding At County Level

A report released by the California Legislative Analyst’s Office is cautioning state lawmakers to make sure that counties receive enough funding to take responsibility for a wide range of programs.