California farm. (CBS)

Despite Drought, Plenty Of Gallons Still Needed To Water California’s Crops

Most people don’t realize how much water it takes to grow their food. For example, to grow one single almond it takes one gallon of water. To grow one head of lettuce it takes three-and-a-half gallons of water. And to grow one walnut, it takes five gallons of water.



Calif. Recalls Romaine Lettuce Over E.Coli Concerns

Some brands of bagged romaine lettuce salads are being recalled due to contamination with a strain of E. coli, according to state health department officials.


Salinas-based Lettuce Recalled… Again

For the second time since May, a Salinas-based lettuce producer is recalling thousands of bags of salad, this time it’s because of concerns of possible E. coli contamination.