Life Expectancy

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New Study Finds San Jose Has Nation’s Fittest Baby Boomers

A new study suggests San Jose is the fittest city for baby boomers in the country, with the highest life expectancy and the fewest unrestful days per month among the nation’s largest cities.


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Marin Men Have Nation’s Highest Life Expectancy

Men living north of the Golden Gate have the highest life expectancy in the nation at 81.6 years, according to a study from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.


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Silicon Valley Earns High Marks In Well-Being Study

A new study says Silicon Valley has the highest level of well-being in America, while depressed parts of the San Joaquin Valley have the lowest. The “Portrait of California,” constructed by the American Human Development Project, measures well-being and access to opportunity, based on level of education, income and life expectancy.