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San Francisco's Embarcadero (CBS SF)

San Francisco Waterfront Development Height Limit Prop B Approved By Voters

San Francisco’s Waterfront Development Height Proposal was approved by voters in Tuesday’s election, making it clear they don’t want tall developments blocking views along San Francisco Bay.


Yosemite National Park spans part of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  (Photo by David McNeil /Newsmakers)

New Yosemite Preservation Plan Includes Limit On Visitors

Yosemite National Park will cap visitors at current levels in its most popular areas, but it will add campsites and maintain bike and raft rentals under a plan announced Friday to protect the river that runs through its heart.



HealthWatch: Professor Urges Mandatory Licenses, Tests For Smokers

A prominent medical journal has ignited a debate over whether smokers should be required to get a license in order to smoke cigarettes.


Pot Warehouse Will Pad Oakland's Coffers

San Jose Drastically Limits Pot Clubs To 10

The San Jose City Council Tuesday approved a motion that would limit the city’s medical marijuana collectives to 10, taking another step forward in a prolonged and convoluted regulation process.


Marijuana Cigarette (AP)

San Jose Officials Call For Cap On Pot Clubs

A group of San Jose city council members is pushing a proposal that would limit the number of pot clubs operating in the city.