Lindsay Lohan

Rehab 'Life Changing' For Lindsay Lohan

Lohan Lands Back In Jail, But Can Post Bail

A judge said late Friday that Lindsay Lohan can be released on $300,000 bail after the actress appealed another judge’s decision to send her to jail for nearly a month.

CBS San Francisco–09/24/2010

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan Satisfied After Settling E-Trade Lawsuit

A lawyer says Lindsay Lohan is “satisfied” to have resolved her $100 million New York City lawsuit over an E-Trade television commercial featuring talking babies.

CBS San Francisco–09/21/2010

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan Reportedly Fails Court-Ordered Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan has failed a court-ordered drug and alcohol screening test and could face a probation violation that might throw her back in jail.