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Lyme Disease

Animal Update: Advances In Lyme Disease Research

What is Lyme Disease – and just how big of a problem is it?


Jefferson Award winner Phyllis Mervine hunts for ticks carrying Lyme disease. (CBS)

Jefferson Award Winner Leads Battle Against Lyme Disease

A bite from a tick carrying Lyme disease can have life-altering consequences. For this week’s Jefferson Award winner, it pushed her to help others with the infection.

KPIX 5–02/16/2011

Adult female (left) and male (right) deer ticks, which can carry Lyme Disease. (AP)

HealthWatch: Bay Area Lyme Disease Patient Fights Insurer

Imagine the frustration when you do have insurance but you still can’t get your plan to pay for drugs that cost thousands of dollars a month.

KPIX 5–11/23/2010