2 Penguins Join SF Zoo Colony During Ceremonial 'March Of The Penguins'Two Magellanic penguin chicks joined the rest of the zoo's penguin colony on Saturday.
Penguin Chicks Hatch At San Francisco ZooFour Magellanic penguin chicks have hatched this breeding season at the San Francisco Zoo, and will be on display until the end of June when they’ll head off to “Fish School,” zoo officials said.
Sick Penguins Find New Home At San Francisco ZooSix penguins that were found emaciated on a shoreline in Brazil are making a new home at the San Francisco Zoo.
5 Penguin Chicks Graduate From San Francisco Zoo ‘Fish School’Five penguin chicks graduated from "fish school" and returned to the San Francisco Zoo's Penguin Island Saturday morning for a graduation march -- or waddle.

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