Marin Independent Journal

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Flag-Flying Marin Residents Attacked By Anonymous Letter Writer For ‘Confused’ Patriotism

The Marin Independent Journal reports that a number of people received poorly-written photocopied letters addressed to “resident” that assumed the homeowners were Conservative and did not support the “black president.” The letter claims that flying the flag makes people no more patriotic than anyone else and is appears to be a “moronic statement” which is “not cute.”


Novato Restaurant Sued By Francis Ford Coppola Over Trademark Infringement

Novato Restaurant Sued By Francis Ford Coppola Over Trademark Infringement

Tavola Italian Kitchen in Novato is being sued by Bay Area Filmmaker, Francis Ford Coppola for trademark infringement…


Trail Around Metallica Singer's Land Moves Ahead

Trail Around Metallica Singer’s Land Moves Ahead

Work is under way on a Bay Area hiking trail being built at a cost of more than $650,000 to bypass the home of Metallica front man James Hetfield…

CBS San Francisco–07/18/2011