Metal Thieves

A fire hydrant.

Metal Thieves Target Fire Hydrants In Cash-Strapped Modesto

It’s believed the thieves are targeting hydrants so they can sell the cast iron scraps to recyclers.


A storm drain. (CBS)

Metal Thieves Target Storm Drains In Union City

According to city officials, 15 metal storm drain grates have been snatched in the last three weeks. Police are concerned the missing grates may lead to someone falling into storm drains.


Bleachers damaged by metal thieves at San Francisco’s Crocker-Amazon Park (CBS)

Metal Thieves Steal Bleachers, Irrigation Pipes From San Francisco Park

Metal thieves have hauled away aluminum bleachers and irrigation pipes from San Francisco’s Crocker-Amazon Park.


A man carries salvaged copper wire. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Contra Costa DA Targets Metal Dealers In Copper Theft Crackdown

A new crackdown on copper thefts in the East Bay involves undercover work by investigators to catch scrap metal dealers who may have bought stolen goods.


Firefighters responded to the fire at 17950 Hesperian Blvd. after a fire broke out on the roof of the complex. (BCN)

Metal Thieves May Have Sparked San Lorenzo Strip Mall Fire

Firefighters extinguished an electrical fire on the roof of a strip mall in San Lorenzo early Tuesday morning, and investigators believe the fire may have been started by thieves attempting to steal copper wiring, a fire spokeswoman said.


BART station (CBS)

Copper Thieves Stealing From Operating BART Tracks

A BART spokesperson said there have been three incidents this week. The most recent incident happened early Tuesday morning in Oakland.