California Voters Reject Prop. 38 Education Tax IncreaseCalifornia voters have rejected Proposition 38, a broad-based income tax increase that would have raised billions of dollars a year for public schools.
Brown Warns Of 'All Against All' War If Tax California Plan FailsGov. Jerry Brown warned of a “war of all against all” if the sniping factions in California politics did not compromise to fix the state’s persistent budget problems.
Field Poll Shows Narrow Majority Support Gov. Brown’s Tax InitiativeNew polling found a slim majority of California voters favor tax-hike initiative the governor placed on the November ballot.
Governor Brown’s Tax Initiative To Top November Ballot Gov. Jerry Brown's initiative to raise taxes has received top billing on the November ballot after a judge rejected a challenge from a competing measure.
Melissa Griffin: Ballot Battle Over California Tax Measure PlacementGovernor Jerry Brown and civil rights attorney Molly Munger are going head to head over whose tax proposal is listed first on the November ballot, and July 1 marks the start of new laws in California.
Effort To Boost Brown's California Tax Hike Draws LawsuitAn effort to give Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative top billing on California's November ballot has drawn a lawsuit by a rival tax campaign.
California Voters Could Face Two Tax Measures On November BallotThe fight over two competing tax measures is just starting to heat up as the November election draws closer.
Phil Matier: Brown Criticizes Rival California Tax ProposalsGovernor Jerry Brown is speaking out against two tax proposals that would likely compete with his tax measure on the November ballot.

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