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Narsai David Food Report: Pears In Season

Our food and wine expert recently tried just some of the over 3,000 varieties of pears grown across the world. He says right now they’re in season and has some suggestions for which ones you should be enjoying.


Narsai David Food News: Pickled Green Tomatoes

Narsai David explains why pickled & fried green tomatoes traditionally only came around once a year and shares his recipe…


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Narsai David Food News: String Beans; It’s All About Texture

String beans really should be called stringless beans. Originally they really did have a lot of strings—just take a look at the fava beans…


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Narsai David Food News: No Salt ‘Seasoning Salt’

Narsai’s food recipe is for a no salt “salt seasoning” that can be used as a spice or a salad dressing.


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Narsai David Food & Wine Report: Three Fine Value Summer Wines

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The 2011 Sonoma Loeb Chardonnay is first on my list of three fine value summer wines. It has a pale, straw color with a lot of citrus aromas. Bright, tropical fruit flavors […]


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Narsai David Food News: New Guittard Baking Chocolates

The Guittard Chocolate Company in Burlingame produces some of the finest chocolate in the world and has an amazing history dating back to 1868.


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Narsai David Food News: ‘Wasabi Vs. Horseradish’

Our food and wine expert explains exactly what the difference is between wasabi and plain old horseradish.