Video: Dramatic View Of Major Storms In 2015 Captured By NASA SatelliteA dramatic video released by NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission takes a look back at 2015 -- a year of storms.
Officials: Fireball Was Debris From Russian RocketMilitary officials say a streak of light seen burning across the sky by people in three Western states was debris from a Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere.
Study Finds Lake Tahoe Warming Due To Climate ChangeLake Tahoe is among hundreds of lakes worldwide that researchers say are warming due to climate change.
NASA Accepting Applications For AstronautsNASA is looking for its next class of astronauts.
Strange 'E.T.' Star Getting Swarmed By A Hail Of Comets Baffles ScientistsA mysterious star named KIC 8462852 has scientists scratching their heads. Weird variations in its glow prompted speculation that it may be home to a technologically-advanced society, and now new research says this strange star is getting swarmed in a hail of comets.
NASA Spacecraft Reveals Sun Likely Robbed Mars Of Its Atmosphere, WaterNASA’s Mars-orbiting Maven spacecraft has discovered that the sun likely robbed the red planet of its once-thick atmosphere and water.
NASA Hosts Meeting To Consider Ideal Place For Humans To Land On MarsNASA is hosting a meeting of scientists to identify the ideal place on the Red Planet to put boots on the ground.
'Great Pumpkin' Asteroid Hurtling Past Earth On HalloweenAn asteroid the size of the Empire State Building is preparing to zip past Earth on Halloween giving scientists at NASA something besides candy to gorge on.
Mystery Piece Of Space Junk Plunging To Earth On Friday the 13thIt's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a piece of space junk -- WT1190F -- and it's colliding with Earth on Friday, the 13th!
Astronaut Scott Kelly Sets U.S. Record For Most Time In SpaceRecords are set everyday, but astronaut Scott Kelly just set one that is out of this world.
Frozen Water, 'Gorgeous' Blue Skies Found On PlutoThe sky over Pluto may not be sunny but it's undoubtedly blue.
NASA Teases Major 'Mars Mystery Solved' To Be Revealed At Press Conference Set For MondayIn a dramatic posting on its website, NASA officials say they will reveal that an important Mars "mystery" has been solved at a Washington D.C. press conference on Monday.

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