Neil Armstrong

11-year-old Max Boddington of San Rafael reads aloud his essay, "When I Look at the Moon." A copy was given to astronaut Neil Armstrong a few weeks before his death. (CBS)

Weeks Before Death, Neil Armstrong Writes To San Rafael Boy

Three weeks before he died, legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong wrote a letter of encouragement to a San Rafael boy.


First man on the moon, astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, commander of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing mission.

Democratic Leader Pelosi Joins The Chorus Of Praise For Neil Armstrong

The Bay Area’s Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement Saturday after news of Neil Armstrong’s death made its way around the world.


The Apollo 11 command module is hoisted onto the deck of the USS Hornet, July 24, 1969. (USS Hornet Museum)

Alameda Warship Honored For Role In Space Program

The USS Hornet was acknowledged for its role in the Apollo 11 space mission Wednesday, as the curator for the warship and museum docked in Alameda attended Wednesday’s Congressional Gold Medal ceremony for Apollo astronauts in Washington, D.C.