Nitrous Oxide

A wastewater treatment plant. (Dublin San Ramon Services District)

Stanford Researcher Turns Wastewater Into Energy That Can Power Treatment Plants

A Stanford engineer has developed a way for sewage treatment plants to power themselves by taking the waste out of wastewater and turning it into energy.


Damage to a Vallejo dental office following a smash and grab of laughing gas tanks. (CBS)

Thieves Smashing Up Vallejo Dental Offices To Steal Laughing Gas

Vallejo Dental Offices have been targeted in recent weeks by a series of smash-and-grab crimes targeting tanks of nitrous oxide.



Sacramento Man Pleads Guilty To Driving On Nitrous Oxide, Causing Fatal Crash

A Sacramento man who was high on nitrous oxide when he crashed his SUV into a car, killing two people, has pleaded guilty and faces nearly 10 years in prison.