Northern California Innocence Project

Ronald Ross was freed from custody on February 21, 2013, after his attempted murder conviction was overturned. (CBS)

Man Wrongfully Convicted Of Attempted Murder Sues City Of Oakland

A man who spent nearly seven years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted for attempted murder is filing a civil rights suit against the city of Oakland, alleging he was maliciously prosecuted.


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Bay Area Family’s Ordeal Raises Questions Over Shaken Baby Convictions

Every year, it is estimated that 200 people are convicted of shaking babies to death. Doctors have said violent shaking causes babies’ brains to swell and bleed, but now that science looks shaky. KPIX 5 talks to a Bay Area father who was wrongly accused.


Jarvell Smart falsely confessed to being an accomplice in a gang-related shooting when he was 15. Smart, now 24, remains in prison. (Sacramento County District Attorney / CBS)

NorCal Experts Say Juveniles More Likely To Falsely Confess To Crimes

A video obtained by KPIX 5 shows a Northern California teenager who was interrogated by authorities admitting to a crime he didn’t commit. Experts said teen suspects are more likely to give false confessions.


After being wrongly convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl in 1998, Johnny Williams of Oakland was exonerated after new DNA evidence was found. (Northern California Innocence Project)

DNA Clears Oakland Man Of 1998 Child Sex Assault

An Oakland man who spent 14 years in state prison for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl has had his conviction overturned based on new DNA evidence.


Ronald Ross was freed from custody on February 21, 2013, after his attempted murder conviction was overturned. (CBS)

Wrongly Convicted Oakland Man Not Bitter After 7 Years Behind Bars

An Oakland man wrongfully convicted of a 2006 shooting says he’s not bitter and wants to work with troubled youth


Maurice Caldwell was wrongfully convicted of a San Francisco murder in 1990. He was released in 2011. (CBS)

Man Wrongly Convicted In SF Murder Questions Police Lineups

Maurice Caldwell spent 20 years behind bars, for a murder a judge now said he did not commit. The case raises questions about the reliability of police lineups and how many law enforcement agencies aren’t using the best practices.


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Police Lineup Flaws Put California Man In Prison For Decades

Police lineups are a staple of TV crime shows. Detectives watch as a witness tries to identify the suspect. But witnesses can, and do, make mistakes. Yet critics say many police departments are not doing what it takes to prevent them.



Retrial Set After ’91 San Francisco Murder Conviction Tossed

San Francisco prosecutors announced Thursday they will retry an imprisoned man whose 1991 murder conviction was overturned by a judge last month.

CBS San Francisco–01/20/2011


1990 San Francisco Murder Conviction, Life Sentence Overturned

A San Francisco Superior Court judge Thursday overturned the murder conviction of a man serving a life sentence in prison for the 1990 shooting of another man during a drug deal in the Alemany public housing projects.

CBS San Francisco–12/17/2010