Northern Lights

Photo Credit: Mike and Anne Howard

A Couple’s 675-Day Honeymoon Across The World

Mike and Anne Howard share their thoughts on their 675-day honeymoon, traveling to six continents and 33 countries across the world.


Portland, Maine

Best Places In America For A White Christmas

Holiday travelers dreaming of a White Christmas in America can find joy in knowing they can hear sleigh bells in the snow by visiting places in New England and the Great Lakes region such as Concord, New Hampshire, Madison, Wisconsin and Stowe, Vermont.


A solar flare is seen erupting from the sun. (Photograph by: NOAA/National Weather Service's Space Weather Prediction Center, Getty Images)

Not Likely To See Northern Lights From Solar Storm In California

A storm from the sun turned the northernmost skies of Earth into a show of northern lights. That said, those looking for a light show Tuesday night here in the Bay Area might not be in for such a treat.



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