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Oakland Zoo


Eye On The Bay: Behind The Scenes At The Oakland Zoo

“Eye on the Bay” goes to the zoo! Liam Mayclem goes behind the scenes with expert zookeepers at the Oakland Zoo where we will meet cotton-top tamarins, coatis, tortoises, pond turtles, camels and more. Join us as we discover the important steps the Oakland Zoo is taking towards conserving and caring for these fascinating animals.


(Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Receives Anonymous $1 Million Donation

Christmas came early for the Oakland Zoo this year in the form of an anonymous $1 million check.


(Oakland Zoo)

New Veterinary Hospital Opens At Oakland Zoo

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Thursday at the Oakland Zoo’s new 17,000-square foot veterinary medical hospital, which is now the largest wild animal veterinary facility in Northern California.


A new river otter pup at the Oakland Zoo. (CBS)

Oakland Zoo Welcomes New Baby Otters

“Ginger,” a 5-year-old river otter, gave birth to three pups last month. The two boys and their sister each weighed about 150 grams at birth.


(Photo courtesy of Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Newborn Giraffe Stretching Out In New Digs

Curators say the giraffes simply outgrew their old digs, and buoyed by fundraising efforts that brought in $400,000, the Zoo was able to complete construction on the new barn, which stands 25 ft. high and includes skylights, too.


(Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Welcomes Baby Giraffe

The Oakland Zoo is welcoming the first female giraffe to be born at the zoo in nearly a decade, zoo officials said.



Last Minute Budget Talks Save Popular Oakland Programs

Oakland leaders have agreed to eliminate 105 city positions to fill a $28 million budget gap caused by the loss of state redevelopment money. However, last minute negotiations were able to save popular programs from deep cuts.


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Spending Cuts To Severely Affect Oakland Zoo, Children’s Fairyland

The latest round of spending cuts in Oakland will include major hits to two of the city’s most popular family attractions: the Oakland Zoo and Children’s Fairyland.


Molly, one of the four tiger sisters transferred to the Oakland Zoo. (Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Unveils Rescued Texas Tigers

The newest additions to the Oakland Zoo, four tigers recently rescued from a backyard zoo in Texas, were unveiled Wednesday to members of the local media.


(Oakland Zoo)

Oakland Zoo Breaks Ground On New Veterinary Hospital

The facility will be much larger than the current 1,200 square-foot hospital and also have the latest medical technology.