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Google Report Provides Glimpse At Government Demands

Governments around the world are peppering Google with more demands to remove online content and turn over information about its users.


Facebook Acknowledges Photo Privacy Bug; Issues Immediate Fix

Tech Report: Do You Have The Right To Be Forgotten Online?

Should people be allowed to erase information abut themselves online? KCBS’ tech analyst just got back from a tech policy summit in Napa where he moderated a discussion on that very issue.



Tech Report: Google+ Integrates With Search Function, Competitors Cry Foul

A new move by Google to boost its search results has angered some of its Google+ users over privacy and has competitors calling it an unfair advantage.


Stanford Study Finds Personal Info Leaked To Online Advertisers

A new Stanford study has found that dozens of the most popular websites on the Internet are sharing user’s personal information with advertisers.


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Study Finds Online Ad Companies Ignore Consumers’ Opt Out Requests

Half the online advertising companies looked at in a new Stanford study continued to monitor consumers’ online activity even after the user had opted out of receiving advertising.



Silicon Valley Firm Joins Call For Online Privacy, Security

A Bay Area computer giant is joining the call for federal legislation to increase online privacy and data security.



California Lawmakers Defeat Internet Privacy Bill

California lawmakers on Thursday rejected an Internet privacy bill for a second time after heavy lobbying from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites that objected to more state regulation.

CBS San Francisco–06/02/2011


California State Senate Rejects Social Network Privacy Bill

California senators rejected a bill Friday designed to increase privacy on social networking sites, persuaded by objections from some of the burgeoning industry’s biggest players.

CBS San Francisco–05/27/2011