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Man Arrested After Allegedly Throwing Hot Coffee At 7-Eleven Clerk In San Leandro

A man was arrested for allegedly throwing a cup of hot coffee at a 7-Eleven clerk’s face after an altercation in the store early Monday morning, police said Tuesday.


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Martinez Bans ‘Aggressive’ Panhandling

The Martinez City Council has responded to complaints by merchants and residents about the number of people panhandling at shopping centers and intersections by banning aggressive panhandling within city limits.


Harvey Milk Plaza, San Francisco Castro District

Benches Pulled To Discourage SF Street People From Congregating In Castro

Benches originally installed in Harvey Milk Plaza to encourage people to gather and create community in the Castro District were removed Friday to discourage a small number of homeless nomads who regularly slept there, city officials said.


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Aggressive Palo Alto Panhandler Punches Man, Rifles Through Pockets For Refusing Plea For Money

An aggressive panhandler was arrested for punching a man in Palo Alto and going through his pockets because he refused his plea for money.


Students arrive at Saint Andrew Private School in Oakland. (CBS)

Oakland District Cuts Ties To Controversial School, FBI Gets Involved

The Oakland Unified School District said it is severing financial ties with a private school in Oakland suspected of collecting your tax dollars for students that don’t exist.


Saint Andrew Private School in Oakland. (CBS)

BART Targets Panhandling Oakland School Students

A joint CBS 5 and California Watch investigation into an Oakland school that sends students out panhandling at BART stations has prompted the transit agency to take action.


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PETA Balks At SF Plan To Pay Panhandlers To Care For Shelter Puppies

Beginning in August, the city is set to offer panhandlers up to $75 a week to stop begging and foster problem puppies from city animal shelters until the pups are ready for adoption.


Saint Andrew Private School in Oakland. (CBS)

Video Claims To Show Abuse At Private Oakland School

A private school in Oakland that sends students to panhandling at BART stations faces abuse allegations, after video from a former student surfaces.


Saint Andrew Private School in Oakland. (CBS)

Students Of Oakland School Keep Panhandling As Scrutiny Grows

Multiple state and local agencies are scrambling to find out how Saint Andrew Missionary Baptist School has remained open and how it received federal funding. Meanwhile, students are still out on the streets, asking for money.


Saint Andrew Private School in Oakland. (CBS)

Oakland School Board Hears From Parents Of Panhandling Students

School officials in Oakland heard an earful Wednesday night from parents and former students of the school, which sends students out to panhandle at BART stations.