Pheidole megacephala, one of several big headed ant species. (April Nobile/

California Ag Officials Use Spam To Keep Big-Headed African Ants From Spreading North

California agriculture officials are on the hunt for an invasive species of ant that’s been spotted in an Southern California yard — and they’ll use Spam as bait.


An Asian Tiger mosquito feeds from the blood from a person. (Jack Leonard/New Orleans Mosquito and Termite Control Board/Getty Images)

Dangerous Asian Mosquito Nears The Bay Area

A new pest has reared its ugly head in Southern California, and is so nasty that vector control officials here in the Bay Area are taking steps to halt any northern migration.



San Francisco Inspectors Find Crop-Eating Pest On Orchids From Thailand

Orchids arriving in San Francisco from Thailand were carrying unexpected cargo—an agricultural pest that a federal agency said is the first of its kind to have been encountered in the nation.