Online Petition Calls Out Nestlé For Bottling California’s Water, Selling It For Profit During is specifically calling out Nestlé in an online petition for its practices of bottling California water and selling it for profit.
Heavy Rains With Warmer Temperatures Not Diminishing California's Drought WorriesThis week has gotten off to a rainy start with some areas receiving more than an inch—a nice addition to last week's heavy rain. Despite that, it may not be delivering exactly what California needs to get out of this drought.
KCBS In Depth: Exploring Water Solutions For California’s DroughtIs our current drought in California part of a natural weather pattern, an aberration, or climate change? KCBS In Depth cohosts speak with Dr. Peter Gleick, a globally recognized scientist who is an expert in water and climate issues, about challenges ahead for California in the midst of the worst drought on record.
Beverage Companies Using Bay Area Tap Water, While Residential Customers Face Mandatory RestrictionsDespite California’s ongoing drought, municipal water is being bottled—and in some case shipped out of state—for profit.
Nearest Drinking Fountain? There's An App For ThatAn East Bay environmentalist is hoping a smart phone application to locate drinking fountains will cut down on all that plastic bottled water waste.

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