Pierluigi Oliverio

San Jose City Councilman Pierluigi Oliverio, District 6 (sjdistrict6.com/)

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against San Jose City Councilman

A lawsuit filed in Santa Clara County accuses a San Jose city councilman of sexual harassment. His former chief of staff claims he caused her emotional distress.


San Jose City Hall

San Jose Voters To Select From Crowded Field Of Mayoral Candidates To Replace Termed-Out Mayor Reed

Tuesday’s primary election will decide the top voter-getters for a new San Jose mayor as Mayor Chuck Reed ends his eight-year tenure.


San Jose City Hall

List Of San Jose Mayoral Candidates Grows

The list of candidates officially running for mayor of the city of San Jose in 2014 has started to become crowded.


San Jose firefighters (Craig Rose/San Jose Fire Dept.)

San Jose Councilman’s Proposed Firefighter Hiring Freeze Angers Fire Chief

A proposal by a San Jose city councilman to freeze firefighter hiring until the firefighter union accepts a reduced pension benefit has sent shock waves though the fire department and drawn the ire of its outgoing chief.


A vial of medical marijuana

San Jose Pot Clubs Targeted For Not Paying Taxes

They want more options when it comes to how to handle businesses that aren’t paying their fair share.


A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

San Jose Police Redeployment Helps Stem Rising Violence

San Jose police are crediting stepped up gang enforcement efforts, with a recent decrease in violence in the city. But the city may not have the funding to continue those efforts into the next year.


San Jose City Hall

SJ Points To Facilities Openings As Turning Point Following Cuts

A number of new city facilities in San Jose have been shuttered, in some cases for years because of a lack of funds. But, it appears that list is about to get a little shorter.


Dr. Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Library, San Jose

San Jose Councilman Envisions Volunteer-Run Libraries

An idea to help out cash-strapped libraries in San Jose is being met with both praise and criticism after a city councilman suggested the libraries replace retiring city workers with volunteers.


San Jose Councilman Wants To Lower Speed Limit Near Schools

This comes following the passage of AB321, a state law that allows cities to lower the speed limit around schools to 15 miles per hour.


A vial of medical marijuana

San Jose Collects Nearly $300,000 From Pot Tax

In a strange twist, the number of police officer layoffs in San Jose may be reduced because of revenue generated by medical marijuana dispensaries.