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San Jose City Hall

San Jose Retirees Won’t Be Getting Pension Bonus Checks

It looks like San Jose retirees will not be getting a bonus check this year from the city’s pension program after the city council voted to block those payments.


Christmas Comes To The Families Of Oakland Murder Victims

Some families who have suffered the ultimate loss have received some unexpected Christmas cheer. The children of murder victims were showered with gifts at a special holiday party Monday in Oakland.


San Francisco Food Bank (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

KCBS In Depth: Hunger In The Bay Area

An interview with Paul Ash from the San Francisco Food Bank on solving problems with hunger and poverty in the Bay Area.


SF State researcher Kwee Say (right) interviews Karen refugees from Burma Tha Mee (center) and Mu Doe (left) at a health fair in Oakland. (SF State University)

Myanmar Refugees Flock To East Oakland

Myanmar – formerly known as Burma – has been at civil war for 60 years, but it’s only been in recent years that the U.S. instituted a policy of accepting its refugees. 400 hundred such refugees now live in east Oakland.



Lost Boys: Hopelessness, Peer Pressure Lead To Youth Violence

The causes of youth violence remain the same: poverty, unemployment and peer pressure. But it’s hard to understand what would prompt a teen to cross the line and choose wrong over right unless you know where they’ve been.



Residents Complain Of Poor Living Conditions At SF Residential Hotels

San Francisco seniors and the disabled were at the Board of Supervisors meeting Monday to complain about the living conditions in single room occupancy hotels.


EBT, food stamps, foodstamps, CalFresh, benefits, electronic benefits transfer

Food Stamp Applications Soar In Contra Costa County

Food stamp applications have skyrocketed in Contra Costa and county officials report an increasing number of those dependent on the stamps are children.


homeless family

Sunnyvale Armory May Become Permanent Homeless Housing

With the rainy season starting up, finding shelter for the homeless becomes more critical and plans are now in the works to turn a Sunnyvale armory into an affordable housing project.



Report Finds Poverty In Bay Area Doubles Government Estimates

A new report finds the number of people living in poverty in the Bay Area could more than twice what federal statistics suggest if the higher cost of living in California is taken into account.



Homeless Population Rises In Santa Cruz Co., Decreases In Santa Clara Co.

The most recent homeless count is a mixed bag in the South Bay and Santa Cruz areas. The number of people without homes is down in Santa Clara County, but spiked sharply in Santa Cruz County.