Privacy Concerns


Larry Magid: Facebook’s Graph Seach And Privacy

Facebook is getting ready to roll out its Graph Search feature, but some users may not realize just what that means about what information is being displayed.


Police drone. (CBS)

Alameda County Supes Committee Take No Action On Drone Proposal

The committee made no decision on whether the program, proposed by Sheriff Greg Ahern, would move forward.


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Tech Report: Your Whereabouts Predicted Based On Smartphone Use

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in England report they’ve come up with a formula that can predict where someone will be based on data analyzed from that person’s smartphone.


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App Using Facial Recognition In SF Bars Raising Privacy Concerns

A new app that uses facial recognition software to tell users what’s going on in the San Francisco bar scene is already raising privacy concerns.


Samsung Galaxy tablet (AP)

Google Android OS Joins Smartphone Tracking Controversy

Location data is some of the most valuable information a mobile phone can provide, since it can tell advertisers not only where someone’s been, but also where they might be going _ and what they might be inclined to buy when they get there.