Poll: Initiative Suspending California Emissions Law Losing GroundA new poll shows a ballot initiative that would suspend California’s greenhouse gas emissions law losing support.
Bill Gates Gives $700,000 To Defeat Proposition 23The campaign against Proposition 23 — the ballot initiative that would push back California's landmark global warming law — is getting another big financial boost from a high-tech billionaire.
Schwarzenegger Urges Voters To Protect California Climate LawGov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday he doesn’t just want to defeat the November ballot measure that would suspend the state’s greenhouse gas emissions law—he wants voters to trounce it to prompt Washington to create a new national energy policy.
'Avatar' Director Cameron Pledges $1 Million To Fight Prop 23Movie director James Cameron is pledging to donate $1 million to fight Proposition 23, the ballot measure that would suspend California's landmark global warming law.
Oil Industry Aids Effort To Suspend California Climate LawWith major contributions from the oil industry, supporters of a ballot initiative to suspend California's landmark greenhouse gas emissions law reported a fundraising tally Tuesday of more than $5.2 million in the past three months.
Proposition 23 A Test For National Climate LawIf the supporters of Proposition 23 prevail in the Nov. 2 election, California's landmark global warming law would be suspended indefinitely.
Schwarzenegger Blasts Measure Suspending Global Warming Law One of the most hotly debated issues on the November ballot is Proposition 23 which would suspend California's global warming law until the unemployment rate drops to 5.5 percent for a year.
Poll Shows California Voters Split On Global Warming MeasureA new poll shows Californians are divided over an initiative to suspend the state's landmark global warming law, although most consider global warming an important issue.

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