San Francisco's Radioactive Materials May Have Ended Up In East Bay LandfillA Contra Costa County legislator is calling for an investigation into whether radioactive materials from San Francisco have been deposited at Keller Canyon Landfill.
National Lab Fedexed Plutonium To Lawrence LivermoreEmployees have been fired and other personnel actions have been taken at one of the premier nuclear weapons laboratories in the U.S. after small amounts of radioactive material were mistakenly shipped aboard a commercial cargo plane.
Truck Carrying Potentially Dangerous Radioactive Material Stolen In NW MexicoMexican authorities say a company's pickup truck carrying containers of radioactive iridium-192 has been stolen in northwestern Mexico.
Small Radioactive Spill Forces Antioch EvacuationsA small radioactive material spill forced the evacuation of several apartments next to a construction site Thursday morning.
Sunken Radioactive WWII Ship Rediscovered In Ocean Near Farallon IslandsScientists have rediscovered a mostly intact World War II aircraft carrier used in atomic bomb tests and then sunk off the Northern California coast decades ago.
New, Haunting Video Inside Ground Zero Of Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Shows Colossal RadiationThe first video and photos taken inside ground zero of the Fukushima nuclear powerplant that melted down in the 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami show a devastating radioactive mess.
Musicians + Sports: Imagine Dragons on LeBron James, First Pitches and A Chicago Cubs World SeriesThe Las Vegas rockers offer up a potential song to a star NBA player and discuss how they narrowly averted disaster at Chicago's Wrigley Field.
Imagine Dragons Slowly Climb To Omnipresent FameBefore their show at the SAP Center in San Jose, Imagine Dragons talked to
'Radioactive' Label On Stolen Box Sets Off Lafayette Hazmat ScareA box labeled “radioactive” that was found outside a Lafayette car repair shop Tuesday morning caused a brief scare and road closures but was eventually determined to be harmless, a Contra Costa County sheriff’s spokesman said.
State Finds Radioactive Waste In Richmond LandfillExperts with the state have found radioactive waste inside a Richmond landfill near a popular trail. Residents who live nearby told KPIX 5 that the state is not doing enough to fix the problem.
Report Suggests More Widespread Radiation Contamination On SF's Treasure IslandA recently-obtained survey by the United States Navy indicates that radioactive contamination on San Francisco’s Treasure Island may be more widespread than previously thought, creating a potential snag for redevelopment plans.

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