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San Francisco Prosecutors Getting Real World Advice On Sentencing

A former gang member who turned his life around to become a social worker will help San Francisco prosecutors decide how best to pursue criminal charges against some offenders.


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KCBS Sports Fans: New MLB Agreement Protects Rights Of Gay Players

Largely below the radar screen in the new MLB collective bargaining agreement, two little words have been inserted that speak volumes about how far the world of sports has come on the issue of sexual orientation


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Contra Costa Supervisor Calls For More Prisoner Funding

A Contra Costa County supervisor is calling for the state to provide adequate funding for its prisoner realignment program, which he claims is costing the county millions of dollars.


California Corrections Officials Say Realignment Is Going Smoothly

State corrections officials say that after one month realignment has been going smoothly, but there is still a lot more work to be done.


Brown Pledges Money To California Counties For Corrections Overhaul

California’s correctional system is about to undergo an overhaul that could save money and reduce recidivism but also might lead to thousands of criminals spending significantly less time behind bars or in the parole office.


SF Explores Sentencing Panel Ahead Of State Prisoner Influx

The large number of state prison inmates expected to inundate San Francisco county jails has city officials scrambling to reduce the number of prisoners it will have to house.


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San Francisco Concerned Over Prison Realignment Funds

District Attorneys and other law enforcement officials from around the Bay Area got together at Hastings Law School in San Francisco Wednesday to talk “realignment.” They’re worried about two things: money and public safety.