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San Francisco’s Film Rebate Program Attracting Both TV And Movie Production

According to a new report, San Francisco’s Film Rebate Program is bringing in approximately $18 of local spending for every dollar of rebate provided to television and film producers.


Solar panels on the roof of a Bay Area home. (CBS)

Californians Installing Solar At High Rates; Incentive Programs Running Out

This despite the state’s incentive program winding down with its goal nearly achieved.



ConsumerWatch: Some Californians To Receive Health Insurance Rebates

More than a million Californians will receive rebates from their health insurers next week. The refunds are the first tangible results of the federal health care overhaul.


Embarcadero Center in San Francisco (CBS)

San Francisco Considers Extending Film Crew Perks

A push is on in San Francisco to extend tax breaks for the film industry for a couple more years.



Santa Clara County Rewards Homeowners For Energy Conservation

Santa Clara County is offering generous discounts for home energy check-ups, as rising temperatures have many homeowners thinking about ways to keep their house cool this summer.



Energy-Efficient Californians To Save Money Through New Program

A new energy saving program has been rolled out in the Bay Area to help homeowners become more energy efficient while saving on utility costs.