Red Light Cameras

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San Rafael Giving Up On Traffic Cameras That Catch Red-Light Runners

The City of San Rafael is calling it quits on a five-year program to snapshot drivers who run red lights because police say it didn’t make much of a safety impact.


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California Red Light Camera Critics Say Yellow Lights Change Too Quickly

Critics of California’s red light cameras say drivers are getting way too many citations and are backing a bill that would change the system by extending the length of yellow lights.


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Belmont Becomes 3rd Bay Area City To Remove Red Light Cams

Citing high costs for drivers and an increase in traffic accidents, the Belmont City Council voted this week to get rid of the city’s red light cameras. Earlier this year, Redwood City and Hayward have removed their cameras.


A red light camera at an intersection. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Newark Red Light Camera Ticket Dismissed; Technicality May Mean Millions In Refunds

A Bay Area woman who got caught running a red light beat her traffic ticket, and her case could mean thousands of other drivers may also be due refunds.


A red light camera at an intersection. (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Hayward To Get Rid Of Red Light Cameras

The city council voted on Tuesday night to get rid of the devices immediately, rather than wait for the contract with a vendor to expire.


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Phil Matier: Will Oakland Install More Red Light Cameras?

Oakland city officials are considering a controversial plan to double the number of red light cameras in the city, but the questions are, are they simply doing it for the revenue and who will get the bulk of the money?


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Palo Alto Lawmaker’s Bill Would Restrict Use Of Red-Light Cameras

The state Senate has approved restrictions on governments’ use of traffic cameras to catch drivers who run red lights.