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Animal Update: Advances In Lyme Disease Research

What is Lyme Disease – and just how big of a problem is it?


Shinya Yamanaka, MD, PhD (UCSF)

UCSF Scientist Shares Nobel Prize For Medicine For Stem Cell Research

Two scientists from different generations won the Nobel Prize in medicine Monday for the groundbreaking discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed to become completely different kinds, potentially opening the door to growing customized tissues for treatments.


Study Finds Rock Music Makes Us Act Like Animals, Literally

Study Finds Rock Music Makes Us Act Like Animals, Literally

A study published in the Journal of Biology Letters, within UCLA’s Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, found that distorted, jarring music shares the same characteristics as distress calls in animals…


A vet examines a cat.  (Liu Jin/AFP/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Human Behavioral Change May Be Tied To Cat Parasite

Researchers now believe something commonly carried by cats could be controlling you, a tiny parasite called Toxoplasma Gondi.



Autism May Be Linked to Obesity During Pregnancy

Obesity during pregnancy might increase chances for having a child with autism, according to new study out of University of California, Davis.


Prescription Drugs

ConsumerWatch: Website Allows Prescription Buyers To Comparison Shop

GoodRx, allows consumers to find their prescription by simply entering the name of the drug and their zip code.


NASA Ames Research Center

NASA Ames Center Spared From President’s Budget Cuts

The Mountain View facility is actually getting a $20 million budget increase for fiscal year 2013.



HealthWatch: Stanford Study Shows How Humor Activates Child’s Brain

For the very first time, Stanford researchers have begun to understand specifically how humor activates different areas in a child’s brain.


CBS 5 HealthWatch

HealthWatch: UCSF Molecular Research May Shed Light On Cancer Survival

Scientists from the University of California San Francisco, Kaiser Permanente, and China have teamed up to study a molecular test that could give more patients a chance to be cured of lung cancer.


10 Ways To Cancer-Proof Your Breasts

HealthWatch: UCSF Study Helps Demystify Alcohol Addiction

For the first time, researchers have demonstrated the effect of alcohol on the human brain – a discovery that may lead to better treatments for alcohol addiction.