San Francisco Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo's Baron's Racer snake. (Courtesy: SF Zoo)

Missing Venomous Snake At San Francisco Zoo Found In Its Enclosure

A venomous snake that San Francisco Zoo staff feared had escaped was found inside its enclosure Tuesday.


Philodryas baroni, common name Baron's green racer, is a species of colubrid snake. (CBS)

Small Venomous Snake Mysteriously Missing From San Francisco Zoo Exhibit

The San Francisco Zoo’s new South American Tropical Rainforest exhibit opened Saturday but one of the animals was a no show. A venomous snake named Baron’s Racer was missing.


SF Zoo Polar Bear

Polar Bear Piké, Born And Raised At San Francisco Zoo, Dies At 32

A long-lived polar bear died of old age at the San Francisco Zoo on Friday, according to zoo officials.



SF Zoo Management Accused Of Illegal Eavesdropping On Workers

The whistleblower contacted a union steward to tell them that he had heard a manager secretly listening in on a zoo employee and making fun of the way that person talked.


A chimp at the San Francisco Zoo. (Photo by Jodie Wilson, SF Zoo)

Officials Agree To Keep 3 Aging Chimpanzees At San Francisco Zoo

There had been a recommendation in place to relocate the chimpanzees after the matriarch of the group, Tallulah, died in 2013.


According to the SF Zoo, 'nothing says "I've moved on," like a hissing cockroach named after your lover! (Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images)

Jilted? On Valentine’s Day Say ‘I Love You’ (Not!) With A Hissing Cockroach Adopted From The SF Zoo

The San Francisco Zoo has come up with a warm way for jilted lovers to show their dis-affection –- hissing cockroaches and giant hairy scorpions.


(credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Best Free And Low-Cost Winter Activities For Families In San Francisco

Families looking for activities to enjoy together and not break the budget will be pleased to know that San Francisco has tons of things to do that are lively and fun, plus everyone will learn something too.


An endangered western lowland gorilla was born at the San Francisco Zoo on July 17, 2013. The baby girl was born to mother Nneka and father Oscar Jonesy, a 31-year-old. (San Francisco Zoo)

Warning Sign Seen Posted Near San Francisco Zoo’s Gorilla Door That Fatally Crushed Young Ape

A newspaper report says employees operating a hydraulic door at San Francisco Zoo that crushed a baby gorilla were supposed to keep a hand on the stop button at all times.


Sixteen-month-old Kabibe was becoming stronger and more 
independent every day. Photo by Marianne Hale

San Francisco Zoo Hires Expert To Investigation Baby Gorilla’s Death

The San Francisco Zoo has hired an expert in gorilla enclosures to help investigate the death of its young western lowland gorilla, Kabibe.


Gorillas are seen in an enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo, November 10, 2014. (San Francisco Zoo)

San Francisco Zoo’s Gorillas Grieve, Comfort Each Other After Young Ape’s Tragic Death

The San Francisco Zoo says its six western lowland gorillas are showing normal signs of grief and loss following the death of the group’s youngest gorilla.