San Jose Police Officers Association

A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

Dueling San Jose Meetings Focus On Rise In Crime

While San Jose city leaders held a “study session” on the growing number of crimes in the city, police unions took to a local neighborhood, offering concerned residents crime fighting tips.


San Jose Police Car (CBS)

Violent Week Continues In San Jose; Police Blame Staffing Cuts

There are growing concerns following yet another homicide in the city on Tuesday night, the 31st so far this year.


San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore (SJPD)

SJ Police Officers’ Association Votes Not To Proceed With No Confidence Vote Against Police Chief

The San Jose Police Officers’ Association voted on Tuesday not to proceed with a no-confidence motion requested by one of its members against Police Chief Chris Moore.


San Jose Police Chief Chris Moore (SJPD)

Despite Call For No Confidence, SJ Mayor Stands By Police Chief

San Jose’s mayor came to the defense of his police chief after a member of the Police Officers’ Association’s Board called for a no confidence vote for the chief next week.



California Pension Cuts May Have Ripple Effect

Decisive victories for ballot proposals cutting retirement benefits for government workers in two of the largest cities in the U.S. emboldened advocates seeking to curb pensions in state capitols and city halls across the nation.


A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

Flurry Of Lawsuits In Aftermath of San Jose’s Measure B Passage

Less than 24 hours after San Jose voters approved an overhaul of city employee pensions, unions representing police officers and firefighters filed suit.


A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

San Jose Considers Tighter Control Of Police Moonlighting

The San Jose Police Department does not adequately monitor uniformed security work performed by off-duty police officers, according to a recent audit.


A San Jose Police patrol car. (CBS)

San Jose Police Union Sues City Over Pension Ballot Measure

San Jose’s police union is suing the city over a ballot measure that would reduce pension benefits.



San Jose Unions Offer Concessions On Pensions

Five San Jose unions on Wednesday submitted a pension reform plan to San Jose elected officials that called a “fair compromise” to cut $467 million from the city’s pension costs over the next five years.


San Jose Police Car (CBS)

Layoff Day Arrives For 66 San Jose Police Officers

Sixty-six San Jose police officers were ordered to turn in their guns and badges on Thursday as the city moves forward with layoffs during a year when the murder rate has spiked dramatically.