Sea otters

Sea Otter

Bay Area Sea Otters Making Slow Comeback

New data show a slight increase in the number of threatened California sea otters swimming in coastal waters, a comeback made more difficult because of a recent uptick in shark attacks.


Sea Otter

HealthWatch: Scientists Investigate Mysterious Decline Of California Sea Otters

A group of scientists are keeping a close eye at the health of sea otters off the California coast. They may be cute and furry, but California sea otters are facing a mystery threat.


A California sea otter in Monterey Bay. (AP Photo)

California Sea Otters Mysteriously Disappearing

California sea otters have begun losing ground in their struggle to survive. Many are mysteriously falling victim to a ruthless killer: The great white shark.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–03/03/2011

Sea Otter

State Lawmaker Seeks To Extend Otter Protection Fund

A central coast legislator is introducing a bill that would help protect threatened sea otters by keeping a voluntary contribution check box on state income tax forms.

CBS San Francisco–02/21/2011


California Sea Otter Deaths On The Rise

The agency reported about 304 carcasses found last year in California, up from 232 dead otters in 2009.


great white shark

Shark Warning After Otters Attacked Off California Coast

A record number of shark-bitten sea otters have been reported along the California coastline in the past couple of months, prompting state officials to warn of a potentially increased threat to humans.

CBS San Francisco–09/17/2010