Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

SETI Director Jill Tarter (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

South Bay Disco Bash To Honor World’s Top Alien Hunter

Jill Tarter, the astronomer who was a prototype for the lead character in Carl Sagan’s novel Contact, will be honored with a disco serenade at her retirement party in Santa Clara this weekend.


Allen Telescope Array, ATA, UC Berkeley, SETI Institute

SETI Astronomers Call For Help In Search For Alien Life

Astronomers searching for intelligent extraterrestrial life have created a new website to encourage the public to help sort through a vast quantity of radio signals detected by telescopes scanning the stars for a sign we are not alone.


Allen Telescope Array, ATA, UC Berkeley, SETI Institute

Mountain View’s SETI Institute Suspends Search For Alien Life

The SETI Institute in Mountain View has suffered a major financial setback and as a result, is shutting down its deep space listening program.