Secretary of State

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Opinion: Susan Rice Thrown Under Democrat’s Bus And Tied Down

It is becoming more and more clear that it was liberal-leaning politicians who threw her under the bus and they are also the ones who are keeping her under the bus.


Leland Yee

Phil Matier: Termed-Out Leland Yee Seeking To Be State Elections Chief

Democratic State Sen. Leland Yee announced Monday morning his intent to run for California Secretary of State – when he is termed out of the state Legislature in two years.


ballot box

Huge Voter Turnout Expected In California For General Election

Although the final tally is not in, the Secretary of State’s office expects record numbers in terms of voter registration.


Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Opinion: Obama’s Talk Of A War on Women Contradicted By The Elevation Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is a glowing example of the heights women are reaching in the United States in recent times. She contradicts the notion thrust forth by President Obama and his political party that there is an alleged-“War on Women”.


A California polling place

California Launches Online Voter Registration System

Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s office launched the new service Wednesday in advance of the November 6th Presidential Election.


A California polling place

Phil Matier: Independent Voters No Strangers To Bay Area

You wouldn’t necessarily know it considering all of the politically charged rhetoric in the Bay Area during the recent Republican and Democratic party conventions, but it turns out there’s a sizable number of voters who consider themselves Independents.


Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (Photo credit: SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Opinion: Will Hillary Save The White House For Obama?

With President Barack Obama’s Vice President Joe Biden messing up more and more on the campaign trail as time passes, rumors of Biden being sent home to Delaware for good have abounded since last Friday. Will Hillary Clinton step into his place to save the White House for Obama and the Democrats?


California State Capitol in Sacramento (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Effort To Boost Brown’s California Tax Hike Draws Lawsuit

An effort to give Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative top billing on California’s November ballot has drawn a lawsuit by a rival tax campaign.



New Survey Shows GOP Losing Ground In California

California voters are an increasingly independent bunch, with a record number declining to join either the Democrats or the Republicans, with latest tally holding especially bad news for the California GOP.


Food Bank

New Rules Allow California Corporations To Promote Charitable Companies

California corporations can now benefit more than just their investors under a new law to promote socially conscious companies.