Self-Driving Cars

Look Ma, No Hands -- Google's Self-Driving Test Cars Rolling In TexasFour retrofitted Lexus cars and four bubble-shaped cars Google commissioned are rolling around Austin, Texas, the first area Google has done extended testing outside its Silicon Valley base.
Google Antsy As California Slow On Self-Driving Car RulesHustling to bring cars that drive themselves to a road near you, Google finds itself somewhere that has frustrated many before: Waiting on the Department of Motor Vehicles.
Self-Driving Car Completes Longest-Ever Road Trip In MexicoA University of Nevada, Reno professor completed a 1,500 drive from the U.S. border to Mexico City in his autonomous car, making it the longest hands-free drive in Mexico yet.
Hipster Bikes Are Confusing Google's Self-Driving CarsIn the 1.1 million miles driven in autonomous mode, Google's self-driving cars have had lots of practice dealing with bicycles.
Alphabet Spells Early Success For Google StockGoogle opens eyes with a corporate reorganization
Google Now Testing Car That May One Day Come Without Steering WheelThe cartoon-like cars were the stuff of dreams years ago, but are now a reality on Mountain View’s suburban streets.
Google Co-Founder Defends Withholding Accident Records Of Self-Driving CarsGoogle co-founder Sergey Brin says the Internet company isn't releasing the accident reports involving its self-driving cars to protect the privacy of the other motorists in the crashes.
World's First Self-Driving 18-Wheeler Truck Debuts In NevadaThere's been much talk about self-driving cars that could soon be coming to showrooms. Now, self-driving trucks could soon be rolling down the freeways.
How A Formerly Struggling Tesla Almost Became Part Of GoogleTesla very nearly became a part of Google when the electric car company was cash-strapped and on the verge of bankruptcy, according to a published report.
Motion Sickness May Impact 6-12 Percent Of Riders In Self-Driving Cars, Study FindsAs Silicon Valley tech giants and major automakers push forward on automated vehicle technology, a new study finds some people could experience significant motion sickness in the advanced cars.
Self-Driving Car Completes Cross-Country TripFrom San Francisco to New York, a driverless car developed in the Bay Area completed a successful cross country trip.
Self-Driving Car To Begin Coast-To-Coast Road Trip From San Francisco To New York On SundayAs tech companies and automakers experiment with self-driving vehicles, an autonomous car is set to embark on a first-of-its-kind coast-to-coast road trip.
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