Chevron Expects Richmond Refinery Back At Full Capacity Early In 2013Chevron's Richmond oil refinery should be fully functional again during the first quarter of 2013, once repairs to the crude oil unit devastated by a massive fire in August have been completed, a company spokesman said Friday.
KCBS In Depth: Evaluating Options For Bringing Down Gas PricesFrustrated drivers who have been paying significantly more at the pump lately have been asking the obvious: when is relief coming? When are gas prices coming down?
Cleaner Gasoline Means Higher Prices in CaliforniaCalifornians routinely pay some of the highest gas prices in the nation, and the current cost of a gallon at the pump is no exception. But, drivers who think they're being unfairly exploited by the oil companies should think again - says one UC Berkeley economist, who points to many other reasons why the cost of fuel is so high.
UC Berkeley Prof. Questions Gov't Paying For Empty Flights To Rural AirportsSeverin Borenstein, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley who helped design the Essential Air Service program, said Congress originally intended for the program to end after 10 years.

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