Phil Matier: Batkid Day Costs San Francisco $105,000Much of the bill came from the big San Francisco Civic Center finale, where 5-year-old Miles Scott was given a key to the city.
Raw Video: BatKid T-Shirt Creator Describes Mania Over ShirtMatt Suhr, owner of Kid Monarch Clothing and creator of the BatKid T-shirt describes the origin of and mania surrounding the shirt.
San Francisco Police Chief Reflects On Success Of BatkidSan Francisco police Chief Greg Suhr said Monday, "It was really unbelievable. The best part about it is, although the little guy had to get sick to get better ... there was no catastrophe, nobody had to die for all these people to show up to spectacularly support his victory."
Christian Bale On 'Batkid': 'It's So Touching'The actor said the way people came together to help a 5-year-old boy battling leukemia be "Batkid" for a day was "fantastic"...
Bay Area Sports Stars Go Batty For BatkidSan Francisco 49ers stars -- and even coach Jim Harbaugh -- all gave shoutouts to 5-year-old Miles Scott. The San Francisco Giants and Oakland Raiders also cheered him, along with Stanford's baseball team among many others.
San Francisco Transforms Into Gotham City For Boy's Batman WishA young leukemia patient realized his dream to become Batman for a day as an army of volunteers transformed part of San Francisco into ‘Gotham City’ Friday.
Video: 'Gotham City News' Wraps Up Batkid's Heroic DayOn Friday, Batkid saved Gotham City (aka San Francisco) from The Riddler and The Penguin, ending a crime wave the city had not seen before. The "Gotham City News" team wraps it up.
Raw Video: Batkid Stops Riddler From Robbing Bank VaultBatkid stopped the Riddler in his tracks Friday as the dastardly dimwit attempted to rob a bank vault in San Francisco Gotham City.
Raw Video: SF Police Chief Suhr Details Batkid Mission SupportSan Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr spoke with reporter Phil Matier about how he and his department will help a young boy fulfill his wish to be Batman for a day.
Raw Video: The Riddler Arrested Following Action By Batkid As Crowds CheerCrowds in San Francisco 'Gotham City' cheered Friday as the Riddler was arrested for attempted robbery following swift action by Batkid Friday.
Raw Video: Batkid Rescues Damsel In Distress In SF Gotham City5-year-old Batkid for a day Miles Scott rescued a damsel in distress in San Francisco 'Gotham City' Friday.
Raw Video: Batkid Begins His SF Gotham City Crime-Fighting Mission5-year-old Northern California leukemia patient Miles began living out his wish to be Batkid for a day, accompanied by a full-size Batman, in San Francisco Friday.

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