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Shell Gasoline

San Francisco Clean Power Proposal May Profit Shell Oil, Raise Rates

San Francisco took another step Wednesday towards signing a controversial contract with Shell Energy to provide renewable energy to households in the city at rates higher than Pacific Gas and Electric.


Shell Gasoline

Martinez Shell Refinery False Alarm Leads To Sirens, Shelter-In-Place Warning

A false alarm was sent out Wednesday morning by Contra Costa Health Services warning Martinez residents that there was an emergency at the Shell refinery.


oil tanker

Bay Area Coast Guard Not Surprised Bin Laden Planned To Target Oil Tankers

Revelations that Osama bin Laden considered hijacking and blowing up U.S. oil tankers in order to provoke an “extreme economic crisis” came as no surprise to the Coast Guard in the Bay Area.


Skimming vessel works to remove oil from surface of water after spill created after explosion on the Deep Water Horizon oil rig, Gulf of Mexico, in April 2010. NOAA photo (AP)

San Francisco Gas Stations Targeted By Protesters On BP Oil Spill Anniversary

Four San Francisco gas stations were targeted by protesters on this the one year anniversary of the BP Gulf oil spill.



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