Millions Of Phones Potentially Susceptible To Snooping After British, NSA Allegedly Team Up To Hack Sim Card MakerRights organizations on Friday called for urgent steps to be taken to protect private calls and online communications after allegations that U.S. and British agencies hacked into the networks of a major SIM card maker.
Larry Magid: Unlocked Phones Offer Consumers FlexibilityOur technology expert says prices of unlocked phones are coming down and that they offer the consumer more flexibility to shop for different packages from cell phone carriers.
Tech Report: New iPhone Pre-orders Setting Records, But What About Your Old Phone?Apple said its new iPhone 5 sold at a record setting pace as the company took in more than two million preorders in the first 24 hours, but what to do with your old phone?
Tech Report: Cutting Down Phone Costs When Traveling AbroadOur technology analyst gives all kinds of money saving options for international travelers interested in talking on the phone to stay connected with friends back home. One option is a Palo Alto-based company called Ooma Telo

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