Credit Card Skimmers Found On Walnut Creek Gas Station PumpsThe Walnut Creek Police Department has recommended drivers who filled up at two gas stations earlier this week keep close tabs on their financial accounts, after skimming devices were found attached to credit card readers at the pumps.
ConsumerWatch: Skimmers May Use Smartphones To Steal Credit Card InformationThe increasingly popular radio frequency identification (RFID) credit cards that allow consumers to pay by tapping may be making it easier for crooks to steal valuable information with their smartphones.
ConsumerWatch Wrap: Goofing With Google, New Driver WarningsPay-at-the-pump gas stations are a favorite target for credit card skimmers. But now, new stickers that have been released by the Association for Convenience and Fuel Retailing are hoping to protect gas pumpers from credit card information theft.
2 Accused Of Skimming Credit Cards In Mountain View, Los AltosTwo men from Southern California are facing felony charges after placing credit card skimmers inside South Bay gas pumps in December, the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office announced Tuesday.
San Jose Airline Worker Accused In $500k Credit Card ScamAn American Airlines employee is accused of ripping off a half a million dollars from passengers at San Jose’s Mineta Airport as part of a complex credit skimming scheme.

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